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    Poets' Voices is a radio show of conversations with writers in, around, and passing through the Peoria, Illinois area. Jim Sullivan, host of the show, teaches English at Illinois Central College. The show is broadcast at 2:00 on Wednesday afternoons and repeated 8:30 Saturday morning on WAZU, 90.7 FM, East Peoria, Illlinois. The station is a community radio station broadcasting from Illinois Central College. My thanks especially to Louis Linder, Jeremy Styninger, and Gary Hale for helping me put the show together.
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Aug 2012
Steve Davenport–poet and fiction writer
Posted in Uncategorized by poetsvoices at 8:40 pm

I sat out on the patio of the Illini Union in Urbana, IL with Steve Davenport, who has published two collections of poetry that crackle with sparks that'll burn you, Uncontainable Noise and Overpass, as well as a non-fiction prose chapbook Murder on Gasoline Lake.  He also writes fiction; we talked about his Black Guy/Bald Guy stories.


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  • Clare MacQueen

    Dear Jim Sullivan,

    I very much enjoyed your delightful conversation with Steve Davenport and would have rated the podcast 5 stars instead of 4 if the sound quality had been better.

    Unfortunately, I had to turn the volume on my computer all the way up to catch every word. Even so, there were several times when your voices faded out. Please understand that I’m not complaining, just offering feedback that your webmaster or sound engineer might find useful.

    Again, I enjoyed the podcast very much! Many thanks for making Poets’ Voices available.

    All best wishes, –Clare MacQueen

    Aug 29, 2012 at 2:43 pm
  • Renee Ashley

    Davenport’s HOT! And smart. And funny.Listen, is there a Steve Davenport action figure available? He’s a fabulous writer! Buy his books. And then get him to write more. He’s everybody’s “rough darling.” Great interview!

    Sep 3, 2012 at 12:43 am