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Conversations with writers in, around, or passing through Peoria.

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    Poets' Voices is a radio show of conversations with writers in, around, and passing through the Peoria, Illinois area. Jim Sullivan, host of the show, teaches English at Illinois Central College. The show is broadcast at 2:00 on Wednesday afternoons and repeated 8:30 Saturday morning on WAZU, 90.7 FM, East Peoria, Illlinois. The station is a community radio station broadcasting from Illinois Central College. My thanks especially to Louis Linder, Jeremy Styninger, and Gary Hale for helping me put the show together.
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Archive for February 2014

Jessamyn Luong: Song writer and memoirist

Thursday, February 13th, 2014
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Peoria song-writer Jessamyn Luong talked about her songs, and (a first for this show!) sang one of them for us.  She also discussed the background for the song in the final illness of her late husband, artist Vinh Luong.  She also talked about the EP she's putting together on which that song will appear and her memoir Every Church in Town.

David Blumenshine and Rachel Burns: Poets and Magazine Publishers

Thursday, February 13th, 2014
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At The Blend coffee shop in Washington, Illinois, Rachel Burns and David Blumenshine (two of the most daring and innovative poets I know) talked about their magazine Similar: Peaks.  The writing in that on-line magazine consistently dazzles, as do the remarkable graphics (designed by Rachel).  At the time we talked, they were preparing for their first print issue and the beginning of their chapbook series.  Do check it all out at similarpeakspoetry.com.